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Archives Week 2018/19


Fri. 04.10.19 / 12 pm New 2018 Responses

By Nathan Crompton & Joshua Gabert-Doyon

  1. Film Stills from Woodward’s Narrated Demolition.

  2. Muckamuck Strikers March, Downtown Vancouver. August 12, 1978. From SFU Digitized Collections, Pacific Tribune Photograph Collection.

  3. Sid Chow Tan in conversation with Vincent Tao at 221A's Pollyanna Library.

2018 Responses

Recollective commissions original response works to our programming from a variety of Vancouver artists, writers, and activists.

In response to the event Direct Action in the Archive: A Screening of Sid Chow Tan's Video Journalism and Woodsquat Open Archive held at 221A last November, two new responses by Nathan Crompton & Joshua Gabert-Doyon are now available on the Recollective website.

“The housing movement in Vancouver has always moved according to the logic of the old mole. In the face of an imagined state of balance that never existed, the struggle for housing represents a blind spot in the tunnel vision of middle-class history. This struggle has been at times explosive, and at other times marked by a slow but persistent energy.”

– Excerpt from Nathan Crompton’s Old Mole

Nathan Crompton’s essay Old Mole looks back at the roots of the Vancouver housing movement through advocacy, protest, and class struggle. Old Mole also includes archival images, documentation, and photography to visualize significant historical events of social and political unrest locally.

“[The Woodward’s squat marches were] a lot about asking for help. Telling the public that housing is needed and help is needed, that we weren’t just going to be pushed aside and forgotten about and that everybody had a voice and that if we did it together, eventually something would come out of it.”

– Excerpt from interview with Patrick Oleman, Member of Woodsquat

Joshua Gabert-Doyon’s Woodward’s Oral History (as a part of the Woodward’s Amateur Historical Society (W.W.A.S.)) begins with an introduction to the project and newly transcribed interviews with Debbie Krull, Ivan Drury, Jim Carrico, John Richardson, Joel Snowden, Julie Chapman, Mike Krebs, Patrick Oleman and Penelope Hetherington speaking to their involvement in the Woodward’s Squat and the DTES neighbourhood where the original Woodward’s building was located. This project is an outcome of Gabert-Doyon’s 2017-2018 fellowship at 221A where he organized the creation of the W.W.A.S. research collective to study the historical transformations of Vancouver’s Woodward’s building.

Full responses and documentation are available here:

Woodward’s Amateur Historical Society (W.W.A.S) website:

Thank you to Debbie Krull, Ivan Drury, Jim Carrico, John Richardson, Joel Snowden, Julie Chapman, Mike Krebs, Patrick Oleman and Penelope Hetherington; the W.W.A.S. research collective consisting of Brit Bachmann, Byron Peters, Gabi Dao; Recollective 2018 presenter Sid Chow Tan; and organizer Vincent Tao, whose leadership and support was essential in realizing this project.