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Archives Week 2018/19


Fri. 08.11.19 / 12 pm Online Launch: A Reply in Three Parts by Samantha Nock & Salia Joseph

In Response to Past is Prologue: 20 years of COSMOSQUAW

“When Lori broke the scene to tell a story of her love of Vicks, it cemented her performance in my own family stories. I don’t know if this is a Prairies NDN thing, but I grew up with my kokum wiping Vicks on everything; it was her cure all.”

— Excerpt from A Reply in Three Parts by Samantha Nock

“The pressure on Indigenous people is real to be better, smarter, and more put together so as to not fit into anyone’s preconceived boxes, so as to not sit in the depths of stereotype and racist assumptions. Lori makes brave decisions to resist this burden, to let COSMOSQUAW be her true damn self and not worry about how that looks or what people might think. COSMOSQUAW gets to drink wine, and smoke, she sings loud. This is no small resistance. To make something for you, for your people, and not concern yourself with the baggage attached to our bodies, is medicine.”

— Excerpt from A Reply in Three Parts by Salia Joseph

Recollective: Vancouver Independent Archives Week announces the launch of A Reply in Three Parts by Samantha Nock and Salia Joseph in response to Past is Prologue: 20 Years of COSMOSQUAW as part of Recollective hosted at Western Front last November 2018.

Samantha and Salia’s response takes the form of a personal email exchange, reflecting on the work of Cree, Saulteaux and Métis artist Lori Blondeau, housed in the Western Front archives. Samantha also includes a new poem called Vicks which celebrates Indigenous mothers, kokums, and aunties in her life as a gesture to subvert the burden of representation Indigenous women bear.

Response and documentation of the event are available here:


A Reply in Three Parts response and event documentation are available here