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Wed. 10.06.20 / 6:45 am Online Launch: On Hong-Kai Wang's "Quivering" by Tobias Ewé

In Response to "Quivering" and "This is no country music" by Hong-Kai Wang

“When an earthquake’s sonic event oscillates through the air – rolling over the earth – it absorbs all objects in its wake. The sonic outline of every object in the path of the sound wave is inscribed into its signature. An earthquake produces rumbling imperceptible infrasounds that alter the geological make-up, as well as deep bass frequencies that offer up new modes of understanding the malleability of geological strata. Movements are world-makers. As sound moves, worlds are created. As the earth quakes across its surface, new lines are drawn up.”

— Excerpt from Tobias Ewé's On Hong-Kai Wang's "Quivering"

Recollective: Vancouver Independent Archives Week announces the launch of On Hong-Kai Wang's "Quivering", a new text by Tobias Ewé that responds to This is no Country music a performative lecture by Hong-Kai Wang with assistance from Nadya Isabella, Aubin Kwon, and Julia Dahee Hong presented at Artspeak on November 11, 2019.

Response and documentation of the event are available here:


"On Hong-Kai Wang's 'Quivering'" by Tobias Ewé commissioned response and "This is no country music" event documentation are available here

Tobias Ewé is a Danish experimental theorist currently based in Vancouver, BC. He is writing a PhD on inhuman psychoacoustics in the Department of Art History at the University of British Columbia. His research focuses on the epistemology of listening in modernity, and its symptoms in the sonic arts at the nexus between vibrational inhumanism and speculative aesthetics. His most recent work appears in Holger Schulze, ed (2019), Handbook of the Anthropology of Sound, London: Bloomsbury; and Laboria Cuboniks (2018[2015]), Xenofeminisme: En politik for fremmedgørelse, trans. Tobias Ewé, Copenhagen: Passive/Aggressive. Tobias has exhibited/performed diagrams and sonic fictions in Germany, Canada, Denmark, Italy, and online.