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Thu. 08.11.18 / 7 pm Pisces Midheaven

A Response to the Lenore Herb Audio Cassette Collection with Elisa Ferrari and Casey Wei
VIVO Media Arts Centre

Over summer 2018, artists Ferrari and Wei began the excavation of Vancouver artist and activist Lenore Herb’s audio cassette collection at VIVO’s archive. In an ongoing digitization and transcription process of over 20 hours of interviews, panel discussions, conversation, audio collage, and other bits of ephemera, the fascinating and charged texts read like episodic scripts. For Recollective, Ferrari and Wei created a publication of excerpts from their transcriptions, a poster of Lenore's cassettes, and a mixtape of audio from the voices, issues, and sounds of the Vancouver art scene, 40 years prior. A reception and an informal talk between Karen Knights, Elisa Ferrari and KC Wei accompanied the publication launch at VIVO.


VIVO Media Arts Centre
2625 Kaslo St


Elisa Ferrari is an artist and curator, and holds a BFA (University of Architecture of Venice) and a MAA (ECUAD). She works with text, image, and sound. To consider acts and implications of retrieval, she produces projects that manifest as installations, sound walks, artist books, and performance; often addressing or incorporating archival fragments. She is part of – – / dashes, a sound performance collaboration with John Brennan. She is currently collaborating with Stacey Ho on a book of graphic scores for deep listening and sound making.

Casey Wei is an artist, filmmaker, musician, and holds an MFA from SFU. Her practice has evolved from filmmaking into works that cross over between art, music, and the community at large. In 2016, she began Agony Klub, a music and printed matter label that releases material under the framework of the “popular esoteric”. In October 2018, she completed a music documentary on the Vancouver music community, art rock? The Popular Esoteric. She plays in the musical projects Kamikaze Nurse and hazy and is the co-founder of Stills: A Moving Image Tract, with Steffanie Ling.


Casey Wei & Elisa Ferrari

Cassette Tape, November 2018

Side A

Side B

Casey Wei & Elisa Ferrari

Pisces Midheaven: Excerpts from the Lenore Herb Cassette Archive Publication, November 2018

Full Book (PDF):

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Casey Wei

Pisces Midheaven Poster, November 2018

Poster (PDF):

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