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Tue. 13.11.18 / 9 pm Artspeak Radio Digest

Recollective: Vancouver Independent Archives Week 2018 Issue with Populous Map, Regent Park Film Festival, and more
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Artspeak Radio Digest (Sept 18–Nov 27, 2018) was a three-month long program, run in partnership with Vancouver Co-op Radio, a community radio station based in the Downtown Eastside since 1973. Taking the form of an audio journal, Artspeak Radio Digest was an expanded approach to the organization’s publishing program. Each show was conceived of as an issue of an audio journal. Interdisciplinary in its approach, the digest format featured new commissions, sound works, poetry, radio plays and music amongst other forms utilizing radio as a medium. The program was collectively produced and hosted by Brady Cranfield, Gabi Dao, Emma Metcalfe Hurst and Autumn Schnell with support from Bopha Chhay and Erik Hood.

For the duration of Recollective 2018, ‘Artspeak Radio Digest’ dedicated a show to feature various artistic and institutional approaches and practices that engage the Archive. Dan Pon, grunt gallery archives manager, and Emma Metcalfe Hurst, Artspeak Radio Digest host & Recollective Project Coordinator, interviewed Laura Cuthbert and Morgan Wheeler from Populous Map, Ananya Ohri from Regent Park Film Festival's Home Made Visible and featured excerpts from Sara Diamond's Women's Labour History project.


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Laura Cuthbert is an Anthropologist and has spent the past eight years looking deeply at British Columbia’s History. She’s made it her mission to provide a more intersectional story of our past and open access to the tools and research methods she uses. This broad focus has turned into her project Populous Map, which is an ongoing website and storytelling platform. Her research has brought her to over 130 abandoned towns across BC and into rural areas to document history with the people who have lived it. Laura has also used her anthropology and community mobilization skills through her work at Kudoz; a startup where she curates a catalogue of learning experiences that enables adults with cognitive disabilities to get out and meet people in their community.

Regent Park Film Festival started in 2003 through the efforts of a determined group of community residents and volunteers. Their goal was to bring Regent Park residents access to high quality films that resonate with their experiences. Regent Park Film Festival is Toronto’s only free community film festival that also hosts year-round film screenings, school programs, and workshops at no cost. Regent Park Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing local and international independent works relevant to people from all walks of life, with a focus on inviting those of us from low-income and public housing communities.

Home Made Visible (2017-2019) is a project by Regent Park Film Festival that responds to the lack of representation from Indigenous people and Visible Minorities in the Canadian archives. Home Made Visible works to preserve this history, celebrate the joy captured in home movies, and explore how archives have the power to shape who we become and how we relate to one another. It is a testament to the importance of home movies as archival documents, and the role they can play in facilitating more complex representations of historically marginalized communities.

Excerpts from Sara Diamond's Women's Labour History Project. The WLHP started when Diamond was an undergrad student at Simon Fraser University and between 1978-1995, Diamond conducted interviews with women living in and around Vancouver and BC who were involved in the labour movement, trade union organizing, women’s rights advocacy and more from the 1890s onward. The featured excerpts are from filmed interviews with Jean Shiels and Jonnie Rankin from the Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive at VIVO Media Arts Centre.

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Artspeak Radio Digest: Recollective Edition

November 13, 2018

Original audio aired on Vancouver Co-op Radio, 100.5 FM


  • Interview with Ananya Ohri, Director of Home Made Visible supported by Regent Park Film Festival in Toronto

  • Interview with Laura Cuthbert and Morgan Wheeler from Populous Map

  • Interview excerpts from Sara Diamond's Women's Labour History Project (1978-1995), housed in VIVO Media Arts Centre's Archives

  • Excerpts from Pisces Midheaven cassette by Casey Wei and Elisa Ferrari